Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Alert: ASH performed an emergency flush


Active Session History (ASH) performed an emergency flush. This may mean that ASH is undersized. If emergency flushes are a recurring issue, you may consider increasing ASH size by setting the value of _ASH_SIZE to a sufficiently large value. Currently, ASH size is 123...7 bytes.


This alert indicate sudden increase of database active sessions,  that fill-up ASH buffer faster then usual and therefore raise this alert. Actually this is not a problem but an indication of more  ASH buffer is needed to  support peak activity on DB.


 _ASH_SIZE is a hidden parameter and oracle not suggested to set such parameter without consulting their support. There is a meta link doc ( id 1385872.1) suggest we can increase 50% of current  ASH buffer, if we repeatedly receive this alert.   To monitor use this 

SELECT total_size,awr_flush_emergency_count FROM v$ash_info;
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