Sunday, February 1, 2009

Find Bind variable value

The usages of bind variable increase SQL query performance. Suppose you have a SQL query that execute several times and only change are in literal values, IN such case professionals are suggested to use bind variable rather than hard cote value. The impact is significant on query performance if you use bind variable.

But the problem is rice when you try to collect full query text from database, the value of the bind variable is not present in the query text. But you may need those values when you are working on that SQL query specially when you try to tune that query.

Here are two query that help you to find the valu of bind variable. The only thing you needed is the SQL ID

1. If your query was run within 30 minutes:

FROM v$sql_bind_capture WHERE sql_id='';

2. If your query was run more than 30 minutes ago. For this you also need a snapshot Id. By default oracle store snapshots of last 7 days:


Note: v$sql_bind_capture and DBA_HIST_SQLBIND stors only those bind values
which are given in HWERE clause and they do not store timstamp,lob,clob type value

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