Sunday, July 7, 2013

OPTIMIZER_FEATURES_ENABLE: Downgrade Oracle optimizer functionality

After database up gradation or patched, you may find some under performing SQL statements. Due to one or more bug fixes Oracle optimizer my generate different execution plans for those SQL statements,  hence performance degraded . You need reasonable amount of time to tune them but unable to afford it in production environment! You have to do something quick ..........

In such situation, you can downgrade the optimizer functionality to a previous version or patch set; so that  optimizer just act like it's previous behavior. When you finish SQL optimization/tuning, you can switch to the upgraded or patched  optimizer version.

OPTIMIZER_FEATURES_ENABLE - An Initialization Parameter which can be altered at the system or session level to facilitate down gradation of oracle optimizer.

Current version (after up gradation or patched):

SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET optimizer_features_enable='' scope=both;
SQL> ALTER SESSION SET optimizer_features_enable='';

Switch to current version
SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET optimizer_features_enable='' scope=both;

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